Information about the Master

Information about the Master

The Master in Mathematics at the FU Berlin is basically in English.

You have to complete 120 Credit Points.

  • You get 30 of those CP from your Master thesis
  • The remaining 90 CP you have to fill with:
    • 50 CP Basismodules, 10 CP each
    • 10 CP in a special Course and an Seminar within your specialization field
    • 30 CP you can choose freely from all Modules.
This specialization field is your informal natural specialization not a formal thing.

Sometimes there are Problems with the bureaucracy, but everyone tries to make things work.

Official Information can be found in the Links below:

Also you should know about the Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), even if you are no Member of it. The BMS is a Graduiertencollege where students can start directly with their doctorate degree, after their bachelor. To do this they visit courses from all 3 Berlin Universities (FU, TU, HU). This has the nice side effects that all 3 Universities in Berlin strongly cooperate in Mathematics, you therefor have a broad spectrum of higher Math classes to choose from and the process of getting such courses approved is more or less standardized.

You can check out the BMS here:

And here is a link to the current BMS Courses:

We also invite you to join us at the monthly Masters Stammtisch together with the TU-Berlin. For more information check out this Website: